Friday, May 8, 2015

Moving! My blog, that is.

 M.W. Grant Art website has been launched!!! Thrilled! Stoked! Yay!

And it shore is purdy. Please visit! You'll find available paintings there, sold paintings, links to purchase originals and even prints (that's a new thing!) and something especially noteworthy .... that the website now houses this blog. Yep, this here blog is moseying on down the road to the new M.W. Grant Art website location.

I'll leave this blog up with all previous posts intact, but I won't be blogging from here anymore. The blog's content will be the same, it's just that it's been relocated. Please transition with me to the new website and please, please, please click on the "follow" button in the lower right corner of any page so that you will continue to get notifications of blogs posts as you do now. I don't want to lose you!

You can read about my journey as an artist and a late bloomer on my "About" page and you'll also see what's coming up for me next week. Hint: arrivederci!

So please follow me to ....

See you there!


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