Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day at the Beach

Surfer series and more!

I've been riding the wave of surfer paintings lately, rolling out one after the other. These and the other beach paintings you see here will be contenders for my 2016 beach calendar. At this rate I may have about 20 paintings to choose the 12 favorites, but the surfers are taking over! Feedback welcomed ... which ones would you like to see in the calendar?

All of these paintings are available for purchase in my gallery on
Small, affordable and easily shipped!

Thanks for looking .....

Off the Top, 9 x 12
Toes on the Nose, 8 x 10
Orange Sundress, 9 x 12
Aqua, 9 x 11
Not Starving, 6 x 8
Tahitian Delight, 8 x 10
Chat Time, 8 x 10

1 comment:

  1. Hi Michelle- these are amazing!! I also saw your painting of Kiki's doggie on facebook, so incredible!! You have such a gift!! Definitely will want one of your calendars and will keep an eye out for a piece of original art. The orange sundress is so perfectly your sister! You captured her completely.
    xo Marcie