Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Colorful Experience

Okay, could I even BE more inspired???

Having just returned from the IAPS Convention (Int'l Assoc. of Pastel Societies) in Albuquerque, I am bursting with new ideas and inspiration! Pastel buddies Katherine and Jane joined me for 4 days of bliss.

We attended demos and learned amazing techniques from fabulous artists like ....
Margaret Dyer & her demo ......
.... and Marla Baggetta.
Marla's demo ... painted in about an hour!
We made new friends .....

We met Vicki (on the right) on the airport shuttle the 1st day and she quickly became our new buddy. AND, she's from New Braunfels, a town near us back home in Texas!

We spent lots of time amongst beautiful paintings in the gallery .....

.... and we spent lots of time (and money) at the trade show. Also known as The Candy Store.
This is the Terry Ludwig booth. A visual experience!
We enjoyed the restaurants and local color in Old Town.

It was an inspiring time and now we're all home painting. Thanks IAPS ... we'll be back!

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