Wednesday, July 9, 2014


After more than a week of painting in the studio, we held our Vernissage, the reception and showing of our work.

It was a mad dash to get the studio cleaned up but it looked so great. Our beautiful gallery!

Lots of Kippy and Jerome's friends came and joined us for champagne, appetizers, interesting conversation and to view our work. So exciting! As Kippy said, now we can say we've shown our work in Europe!
(I think I missed the memo to wear red.)

Here's Jane standing next to her board. She didn't have a lot of experience painting figures before coming to France but she could have fooled us! Her paintings were wonderful and accomplished!

Kippy and me in front of my board.

I reluctantly show you my entire board because I was teased mercilessly by a certain fellow student from Tasmania (yeah, that's you Vicki) about the one nude painting on the lower left ... you know, The Full Monty? I can't help it!! That's the pose I saw from my easel position!

But once I got home and taped my paintings to the studio wall, that painting kept whispering to me ... "TMI, TMI." So I gave her a little makeover. Er, uh ... down under. Happy now, Vicki?  ;-)

 Next post: our day in Paris. Stay tuned!

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