Friday, October 4, 2013


EEK! This newbie pastelist has just dropped off three paintings for consideration in an exhibit ... a first for me! I've officially dipped my big toe in the water! Here are the paintings framed and ready to leave my studio. I'll keep you posted on what happens!

On another note, the former interior designer in me has bubbled to the surface in my paintings. Lately I've been painting interiors and, duh! ... I've always been passionate about rooms and how they speak to me, so why wasn't I focusing on interiors before? I even learned to do artist's renderings when I was in interior design school in San Francisco ... er, a thousand years ago. I don't remember everything about perspective drawing but enough to limp along. Here are a couple I did last week ... just some practice paintings. The bedroom reminds me of a bedroom one might see in a lovely apartment on the Upper East Side, which ... for those of you who know me well know that is where I dream of living!

The chair painting below is one of two matching chairs in a bay window in our bedroom in Austin, which makes a cozy reading and writing vignette. In, shall we say ... the Lower South Side.

Stay tuned ... more to come now that I've got my bum wing working a little better!

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  1. You will get to the UES. (I'll be hanging on the LES , but there are subways to let the likes of me into that world up there.) Your work is incredible, Michelle. Create, Create, Create.